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Nobody likes meetings

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Yet, there are 11 million meetings taking place every day !!! in the United States.

Maybe you’re sitting in a boring meeting right now. Not much consolation to know that millions of others are stuck in the same situation.

Meetings are supposed to be about some new idea or process or scheme or status,

and by the end of the meeting everyone has supposedly bought into this new idea / process / scheme / status

If you’re lucky, didn’t come with a 50-slide PowerPoint deck. But meetings instead too often end up being about preening and politicking, and devolve into unproductivity.

Given that the hours taken up by meetings increase when the profit motive is absent— according to research from Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics, executives spend upwards of 18 hours per week in meetings – that’s one third of their working week.

Attentiv’s study also found that, on average, employees thought one third of meeting time was entirely unproductive – so not only are they costing you a fortune, they’re also largely ineffective.

Employees’ biggest complains about business meetings were:

· Meetings are inconclusive and decisions aren’t made

· Other participants are poorly prepared or disorganized

· Certain individuals always dominate and others stay quiet

· No results are published.

DocuMeet has the features you need to succeed in all of these pain points with both fluency and compliance. Offering a structured approach to planning, implementation, and monitoring of meetings.

DocuMeet will breathe new life into your meetings.

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