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Why are we still having meetings?

Most people feel like absolutely nothing gets done in meetings, and that they are a complete waste of time. So why are we even still having meetings?

Meetings are still a necessary.

Most of the time, the reason you are having meetings is:

- To get on the same page about projects you are working on.

- Most things happen through teamwork, and teamwork often doesn't happen without


It's a cycle that leads to wasted time and frustration for many people.

This comes at a cost…

According to 11 researches, In the US, there are 11 million meetings every day.

Up to 50% of them are a waste of time and money.

The lost productivity that comes from ineffective meetings costs businesses $37 billion each year.

Frustration from ineffective meetings comes from many different sources. Many meeting attendees complain that the meeting was unnecessary, and many attendees complain of repetition of things that have already been said.

Oftentimes you will see people doing other things in meetings, which may make you question why you are in a meeting at all?

Meetings are necessary, but only if they are effective meetings.

How to make meetings more effective?

- Ask yourself if this needs to be a meeting at all.

- Setting expectations for meetings before the meeting can help keep things on task. - Plan for the amount of time it will take your collaborative group to update each other.

Organizing all your tasks and decisions into a place where they can be easily looked up and acted upon can really help eliminate the need for many of the meetings that so many people find a waste of time.

With DocuMeet - Your next meeting will count

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